Monkeys Diaper Cover 7-33 lb


Adjustable– 4 sizes in one cover! Use from 7-33lb.

Easy to change– tuck clean insert under front and back flaps to secure and snap shut!

Double leg bands– provides double leak protection.

Instant Over Night diaper-place two inserts in for a night time protection!

Choose 8-12 covers for a convenient diapering supply!



A refreshing color that is cute for your little boy! Monkeys is one of our customer favorites.

With 4 adjustable sizes in one  just one cover, you will be able to make this cover fit on your 7lb. baby and adjust to larger sizes up to 33lb. . Check out how to adjust the sizes (here).

The double leg bands provide a double leak protection! Tuck your (bamboo inserts) under the front and back flaps to secure and snap the diaper shut. NO DIAPER PINS needed!

For longer protection, place two inserts inside the cover, especially for nighttime and for your toddlers.

Although this cover does have the ability to fit a 7lb. baby, check out our  (newborn cover) for a more compact fit and look!


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