Happy Moms was formed when we were searching for a simple and ecological solution to diapering our first child. Unhappy with with the waste caused by disposable diapers, but finding traditional cloth diapers with pins and rubber panties complicated and bulky to use. We were sure there had to be a better way!

After a long search we found a supplier that was able to produce what we were looking for. A diaper that had multiple sizes in one, was simple and as fast to use as disposables, cleaned easily and fit perfectly.

We were amazed with the cost savings compared to disposables and couldn’t wait to share them with our friends. Soon their friends were wanting some as well and Happy Moms was born.

Our goal is to have and make happy moms that enjoy our products and share with others.

As we used the products we found ways to improve. First there was feel dry inserts with a layer of fabric that wicks away the moisture for sensitive skin and restful nights. Then we brought on a sprayer that connects directly to the toilet hose and makes washing soiled diapers a breeze.

What goes along with cloth diapering? Natural child care! One of our friends introduced us to Doterra essential oils. After trying a few of them and seeing great results we incorporated them into our home and have been amazed! I’m excited to share how they can help your family as well!