Diapering tips

            How to Improve Diaper  Cover’s Lifetime

Happy Mom’s recommends keeping covers and wet inserts separate since urine can harsh on the cover’s waterproof lining and increase odors in the diaper covers if stored together.

Use a Wet Bag to place used covers till laundry day.

Simply place a small hook above /beside your diaper pail and hang your wet bag there.

Rinse or wiped off soiled covers before placing in wet bag.

How to make diapering pamper fast!                                

Prepare another diaper cover with a fresh insert and have it ready for the next change.                                                          

At changing time, simply remove the baby’s wet diaper and snap on your other prepared diaper.                                       

Set baby down and prepare the baby’s previous diaper cover with a clean insert for the next change.                                      

Do this for your diaper bag when going away. Preparing a fresh diaper ahead saves you time with a squirmy baby while changing and makes diapering pamper fast!                                                

 Place two inserts in diaper cover for nighttime or heavy wetter’s.